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Local Government & Zoning Law in Cincinnati, OH

An example of land use in Cincinnati, OH affected by zoning law.
Invariably, the people who I represent are deeply concerned about the future of their communities. They know that big box stores, sprawling shopping centers, tacky apartment complexes, noxious mining operations or other major developments have the potential to negatively impact their property values and detract from the very neighborhood character which prompted them to choose the place they call home. It’s been my job to help people block those projects, or at least negotiate concessions to lessen those negative impacts. I believe people who band together to assert their rights as citizens and taxpayers – sometimes derisively referred to by developers as NIMBYs (not in my back yard) - are what separates our country from so many others where a timid populace dares not speak up in defense of themselves. I’m proud to say "Yes, I work for and with people who are willing to fight for what is theirs."

Here are a few examples of my successful efforts (details, references, and more examples are available upon request):

  • I represented residents of Harrison, Ohio in a lengthy but successful battle to stop a Walmart supercenter from being built in their historic community
  • I represented residents of Colerain Township, Ohio in stopping a major retail, hotel, and office complex that encroached upon residential areas
  • I represented residents of Sharonville, Ohio in stopping a request to rezone, sell, and clear for apartments and condos a nature preserve that had for decades been a valuable site for environmental education for the community’s school children
  • After Crosby Township turned down a conditional use permit for a motorsports park because of concerns about noise, smoke, and traffic, I was part of a team of lawyers which successfully defended that decision in state courts
      • I successfully represented neighboring residents in negotiating substantial changes in plans for a private school in Madeira, Ohio, thus protecting the residents from disruptive noise from large air conditioning units that had been planned in close proximity to their homes
      • I successfully represented residents of Symmes Township, Ohio in stopping a major condominium development along the Little Miami River that would have disrupted their historic neighborhood
      • I am currently working with Citizens Against Blasting On Our Miami (CABOOM) to stop Martin Marietta from proceeding with an underground limestone mining operation in Anderson Township, Ohio that would bring noise, dust, and heavy truck traffic to residential communities along the Little Miami River.

      For more information on how my expertise in zoning and local government law can help you protect your local community, contact my office in Cincinnati, OH today.

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